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Top 10 Most Desirable Boise Schools to Purchase a Home Near

Top 10 Most Desirable Boise Schools to Purchase a Home Near

The city of Boise, Idaho is fast-growing community, attracting families of all sizes and ages. One of the most popular areas for young families to raise their children, the education system is a busy one to say the least. Boise has a wide number of schools to choose from in this small, but growing community, providing parents with different options to enroll their children in based on a school’s curriculum, teaching style, even the types of activities that are offered at a specific school. We have compiled a list of the top 10 most desirable Boise school districts to purchase a home near to help inform your decision.

So what if you are looking to move to the Treasure Valley, or relocate to a different area of town for the school, where should you go? Year after year, the top rated school districts in the state of Idaho are the Boise School District and West Ada School District. Stretching from the Southeast Boise area near Table Rock all the way to Northwest Boise at the edge of Meridian on Highway 55, the Boise school district has a lot of excellent options for your children to continue their education. While the West Ada School district covers the stretch on the border of Boise and Meridian, and the majority of students in the Meridian area.

Here are the top elementary, junior high, and high schools to enroll your children at in the Boise School District and West Ada School District. Use this menu to navigate directly to the school districts that you are most interested in purchasing a house in.

  1. Longfellow Elementary
  2. Collister Elementery
  3. Highlands Elementary
  4. Roosevelt Elementary
  5. Hidden Springs Elementary School
  6. East Junior Hgh School
  7. North Junior High School
  8. Boise Senior High School
  9. Timberline High School
  10. Renaissance High School


Best Boise School District Elementary Schools

Longfellow Elementary

Located right in the heart of the North End district of Boise, Longfellow Elementary School sits in one of the most popular neighborhoods in the entire Treasure Valley, Longfellow is currently the top rated elementary school in the entire state of Idaho. With a small teacher to student ratio of 19:1 and a nice mix of both veteran, and newer teachers in the system, the experience your child will receive at Longfellow is truly second to none.

As far as the surrounding real estate near Longfellow Elementary, it is hard to beat an area such as the North End. This well-established section of Boise has homes for sale which are being renovated literally every second. With the spectacular Hyde Park just seconds away from the school, providing you with ample space to enjoy the outdoors with its trailhead into the neverending Boise foothills, adventure is waiting once the school bell rings. And don’t forget to enjoy all that 13th Street has to offer right around the corner, from fine dining, wardrobe and antique shopping, to arguably the best ice cream and candy shop in town, you’ll never want to leave the peaceful little area.

Collister Elementary

Ranked as the number two elementary school in the state of Idaho, Collister Elementary is in one of the most exciting, newly renovated areas of Boise. Collister Elementary provides your child with an exceptional education, with proficiency scores in the top subjects ranking far above the state average. Collister Elementary also utilizes a revolutionary data point tracking system to follow students’ progress throughout the year.

Located against the Boise foothills, Collister provides their students with a top notch, all-around experience. From education, to after school sports and activities, your child will be more than prepared for the next step of their educational path after Collister Elementary.

Highlands Elementary

Ranked as the third best elementary school in the entire state of Idaho, you can rest easy knowing your child is getting one of the best possible educational experiences that Boise has to offer. This school features a small 19:1 student to teach rating, and consistently some of the best test scores in the state, with 78% of students testing proficient in math, and 83% testing proficient in reading.

Located in one of the most upscale regions of Boise, the beautiful near Highlands Elementary is nestled close by the foothills of Boise, and right on the road that takes you up to spectacular Bogus Basin, one of the best places for skiing in the winter and mountain biking and hiking every other season.

Roosevelt Elementary

Located in the spectacular East Boise region in one of the more sought after section of homes that line Warm Springs Avenue, Roosevelt Elementary School is one of the most in demand elementary schools in the Boise School District and the entire Treasure Valley. Ranked number six among all public elementary schools in Idaho, Roosevelt is tucked among the well established area of homes along iconic Warm Springs avenue that runs right along the base of the foothills. The collection of homes sits adjacent to the heart of downtown Boise, and top notch outdoor activities in the foothills, making it an excellent all-around area to raise a family. From education to entertainment, you can’t go wrong in this area.

Roosevelt Elementary is one of oldest elementary schools in Boise, celebrating 100 years of educating students in the year 2020. Roosevelt provides students with high-quality, all-around experience in their education. From stimulating learning from some of the top teachers in the state, to a wide range of activities to partake in, such as French Club, Chess Club, Choir, Drama, Art, and Golf, your child will have the perfect environment to develop a plethora of different skills and talents when you buy a new home in this school district, all at a young age to best prepare them from junior high, high school and beyond.

Hidden Springs Elementary

Hiding amongst the foothills on the outskirts of Boise is the private community of Hidden Springs. Within this secluded subdivision is Hidden Springs Elementary, currently ranked as the eighth best elementary in the entire state. Students who attend this school receive a truly unique experience unlike any other school in the Boise School District. Since this is a secluded community, Hidden Springs is the only school within the subdivision, and the only elementary school within several miles of the area. Students experience an outstanding student to teacher ratio of 19:1. The school also tends to recruit some of the best teachers that state has to offer, furthering the quality of your child’s education.

This excellent community features a wide array of beautiful amenities, homes for sale, and the same luxuries you would find in a small downtown section of a city, but with a small town feel. Only built in 2005, your student will have access to one of the best facilities in the state as one of the newer constructions for elementary schools.

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Best Boise School District Junior High Schools


East Junior High School 

East Junior High School doubles as both one of the oldest junior high schools in the Treasure Valley, as well as one of its newest. Established in the early 1950s, East Junior High School was built to match the rapid growth of Boise at the time. After decades of residing in the same structure, East Junior High finally moved into their brand new building in the fall of 2009.

East Junior High School is built right up against the foothills of Boise and is surrounded by some of the most desireable new neighborhoods in the entire Treasure Valley: the Southeast Boise region. After school programs abound with a popular sports program from football, boys and girls basketball, track, tennis, and even golf. When the kids are out of school, activities for the family await with hiking and biking in the foothills, and excellent places to eat and shop nearby at the Ranch Market area, and the popular Bown Crossing just around the corner.

North Junior High School

One of the oldest junior high schools in Idaho, North Junior High sits just around the corner from the most prestigious high school in the state, Boise High School. Listed in the top 10 best junior high schools in the state, North Junior High feeds into Boise High, the top rated high school in the state. Located right on the spectacular 13th Street, you can’t go wrong buying a home right next to this establishment.

Built in 1925, North Junior High School is one of the oldest around the state. North Junior High is one of the most diverse and well-rounded schools your child can attend in the entire state. Sports and after school clubs are in abundance at North, providing your student with one of the best experiences they can have. Sports include football, basketball, tennis, track, volleyball, golf and more. School activities include math club, honor society, glee club, olympiad, book club and many others for your student to explore and find their interests. For an all-around educational and social experience in their education, it’s hard to find a better place to send your student than North Junior High. The surrounding area of the North End is also one of the most popular destinations for homeowners in the Treasure Valley. Many of these older homes for sale have been newly renovated, while new construction is also popping up. Come see what one of the most vibrant sections of Boise has to offer near North Junior High.

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Best Boise School District High Schools


Boise High School

The oldest high school in Boise, Boise High School was originally founded in 1903. Located right next to the popular North End, Boise High School is fed from two of the top junior high schools in the valley: East Junior High School and North Junior High School. Consistently ranked as the top high school in the state, Boise High is home to the best teaching and best academic scores year after year. Boise High School continually produces some of the state’s top students, with many winning major awards and rare scholarships on a regular basis

With a 20:1 student to teacher ratio, you can be sure your student is getting plenty of attention in the well managed class sizes. As far as location goes, you can’t get much better than Boise High School. Downtown Boise is seconds away from the front steps of the school, with 13th Street and Hyde Park on the opposite side. Boise High is surrounded by one of the most desirable areas of homes in the entire state, Boise’s historic North End. And with newly constructed homes all around the area, combined with newly renovated homes for sale, you will have to really work to beat this location.

Timberline High School

Ranked as the number three high school in the state of Idaho, Timberline High School is also the smallest of the 5A schools in the state, which is the highest class (rankings 1A-5A). With an enrollment of just around 1,500 students, it is significantly smaller than newer regions in the densely populated region of Meridian, with schools like Rocky Mountain and Mountain View bringing in over 2,500 students. At Timberline, your student receives an intimate education while contending at the highest level in both academics and athletics.

Timberline High School sits in the Southeast Boise region and is fed with students from both Les Bois Junior High School and East Junior High School. Timberline consistently ranks near the top in both quality of teachers as well as quality of educational experience. The 19:1 student to teacher ratio helps provide your student with more attention, as it comes in well below the state cap of 32:1 student to teach ratio numbers. This school is surrounded by some well-established real estate in neighborhoods such as Lakewood or Harris Ranch just a couple of miles away.

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Best West Ada School District High Schools


Renaissance High School

Renaissance High School is one of the newest schools in the Treasure Valley but it has not wasted any time is establishing itself as one of the best to send your students to. While this one is actually located in the West Ada School District on the border of Boise and Meridian, the quality of education is hard to match anywhere else in the community. A small student to teacher ratio helps them consistently pass students at a 95% efficiency rating in reading and nearly 80% in mathematics. Renaissance is also ranked in the top 5 for STEM programs in the state, making it a highly sought after school as those programs continue to grow and expand to meet the change happening in higher education across the country.

Opened in 2009, you’ll think it is a model school with new construction and technology coursing through its walls. Renaissance feels like the school of the future.

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