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Smile, You’re In North End, Boise, ID!

Smile, You’re In North End, Boise, ID!

North End Boise Regarded As Top Neighborhood To Buy a Home In

Want that quaint, laid-back, cultural, historic, affluent yet highly affordable living? Then look no further than Boise’s North End.

North End Boise has consistently been dubbed and listed in articles as one of the best cities to live and work in by CNN, even Forbes, Time Magazine, Life, Sunset, The Movoto Blog and so many others.  To the locals, this is no news. The locals readily testify to the fact that living in North End Boise isn’t just home sweet home anymore, it’s more of a lifestyle. North End supports the aged, young families, blue collar workers and retirees. It has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Idaho.

North End became the first suburb in Boise, Idaho, in the late 19
th century. It had endured a period of neglect and deterioration after World War II and through the 1960s. But the local residents and community leaders came together to form a coalition to do the planning and restructuring that brought the city back to life again, transitioning the area into a state of physical beauty and homeliness that has been sustained till date.

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North End lies just adjacent to Boise’s capitol building and Downtown, the central business district of Boise, Idaho, just up north of the Boise River. Beyond, the vast elegance of rolling undeveloped foothills greet the eye.

North End offers its residents a clean, vibrant, friendly and safe place to work and live in. North End is a great place to see Boise as it was up to 100 years ago. In its neighborhoods you will find a mixture of multi-family houses, old style eclectic cottage,  100 year-old beautiful historic small mansions and a few newer homes and newer houses too. The streets of North End are peppered with flowers and gardens, homes that have maintained their original design, and sidewalks and pocket green spaces that are graced with the shadow that falls from a canopy of trees. No wonder North End is also known as the City of Trees.

North End affords you the opportunity to walk everywhere or commute by bicycle ride, as you will be living just a few blocks from downtown and even the Boise State University is only a few minutes away. There is no congestion for inner city driving and there’s always ample parking space.

North End Landmarks, Attractions And Facilities

North End is a historical district whose facilities are within a fifteen minute drive in any direction. These facilities include a shopping mall, retail stores, dozens of diners and restaurants, pubs and the airport.

Of particular note is the Hyde Park, the heart of North End. It is the business district of North End, the center of all her community activities. Several festivals and annual events are also held in Hyde Park, like the Hyde Park Street Fair. Some of the best antique shops can be found in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is home to so many eateries and coffee shops, like

  •  Goody’s Goodies Ice Cream Parlor 
  •  Hyde Park Pub and Grill
  •  Sun Ray Café
  •  North End Pizza
  • 13th Street Pub
  • Cloud 9 Brewery
  • Hyde Perk Coffee House
  • Camels Crossing
  • The Hyde House
  • Parilla Grill
  • 208 Pho & Vegan

There are also specialty shops and services businesses like:

  •  Hyde and Seek
  •  G. Willikers Toys
  •  Dunia Marketplace
  • Boise Co-Op

Recreational Activities In North End

Talk about the Boise foothills! The Boise foothills are miles of interconnected trails that wind through the mountains. Be intrigued by the scenic backdrops as you choose trails for your all-season hiking and cycling at your own pace. The Bogus Basin Ski Resort is situated up the mountains.

North End’s Greenbelt is a walking path that curves along the Boise River, ideal for trekkers and campers.  Other activities to be enjoyed in the Greenbelt are seasonal alpine sports, canoeing, golfing, football and whitewater rafting.

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