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Discover the Neighborhood of the Boise Bench!

Discover the Neighborhood of the Boise Bench!

The Boise Bench, also known as “The Bench”, is second to the North End Neighborhood as one of the most libertarian and bounteous districts of Boise, and is largely inhabited by native people. The Bench is today an agrarian landscape of eclectic and extensive residential homesteads, dairies, farms and orchards. It is also considered a more of the  affordable places to find a homes for sale in Boise.


The Bench is located in the center of Boise, south of Downtown Boise and stretches toward the Flying Y (one of the largest freeway interchanges in Idaho). The Boise Airport is elevated on another “bench” and is just a short drive south of The Bench.

The Bench is a large plateau that derives its name from its elevated position that makes it look like a bench or step. There are 3 such “benches” in Boise. The Bench landscape suddenly rose to about 60 feet with a valley below, and became prominent as an ancient shoreline was being created to the ancient river channel. This elevation gives The Bench some spectacular views.

Brief History

Although it’s hard to imagine it today, in the early days of Boise Bench the neighborhood was not populated whatsoever. In a way, it was a desert. It was empty with no water supply, which made life in this beautiful neighborhood impossible. That was until the Ridenbaugh Canal began to supply the area with water in the late 1800s, making this area the perfect place to live and easily used for agriculture. The Bench area changed from being a dry desert land to an agrarian landscape of farms, orchards, dairies, and homesteads. Nearly 165,000 acres had been claimed from the desert and were now capable of producing and growing a variety of crops — apples, prunes, peaches, cherries, asparagus, different vegetables, and hay. In 1924 when the Boise Main Line train line was built and went through the neighborhood, it became a popular area and it started being inherited by more and more people.


Today, passenger trains don’t make stops at the Boise Train Depot. But still to this day, this piece of Boise Bench history counts among the most popular destinations to visit in the city. In the spring, high school seniors pose for their senior photos on the grounds of the now unusable depot.

The Boise Bench Panorama

There was really no set design to be adhered to when the development of Boise Bench began and continued through the years. That revival era saw an architectural influx of designs that have left Boise Bench with a beautiful mix of residential varieties, from 1950 bungalows to mid-modern ranch style homes to historic estates to more modern looking outfits. Also to be seen are architectural diversities both in age and quality like Spanish revival, Cape Cod, Colonial revival, Ranch, brick homes, Tudor and so much more.


If you are looking for homes for sale in Boise, Idaho look at the “Bench”


The view is what really gets residents hyped. Those living on the rim of the plateau have a sweeping outlook of the Boise valley. However, even residents that live further back from the rim are treated to a stately view that keeps them from leaving the town.

Recreational Activities And Facilities In Boise Bench

Boise Bench is complete with its own amenities, and it is a prime piece of real estate because these amenities and facilities are in close proximity to its residents.

The Boise Bench is home to lots of convenient shopping malls and department stores. There are also prestigious dine-in restaurants and fast food joints. There are also bulk food stores on both the north side of the Bench and the south side.

The Boise Bench also offers entertainment establishments. The Boise Bench is located centrally and this is so convenient as it affords residents the opportunity to access the Greenbelt easily.


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