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Guide to the City of Eagle, Idaho

Guide to the City of Eagle, Idaho

Looking for a place with an upscale community that’s affordable and provides a sense of enrichment and is also a good place to raise your family? Think Eagle, Idaho real estate.



Eagle is located in Ada county of Southwest Idaho, a suburb within Treasure Valley on the west of Boise just eight miles away from downtown. The Boise River spans throughout the length of the city, and the city is nestled within the Boise foothills. In order to get to Boise, one only needs to drive along the base of the foothills for some ten to fifteen minutes.

Eagle is an upscale community with mid range to high-end homes so you can pick the home that suits your budget. The residential subdivisions are breathtaking, and the streets are lined with trees.

The residential subdivisions in Eagle include:

  • Brookwood (which is two blocks north of downtown)
  • Lakemoor
  • The Colony
  • Ashbury
  • Banbury Meadows
  • Cavallo Estates
  • Castlebury subdivision, and so many more


Amenities and facilities

Eagle has an assortment of facilities and amenities for businesses and individuals and families. This is the reason that it is such an ideal place to live, work and relax, as it has just the right balance of everything needed for family and business living.

  • There are a lot of restaurants including:
  • Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery
  • Bella Aquila Restaurant
  • Oak Barrel of Eagle Restaurant and Sports Lounge
  • The Stuffed Olive
  • Grit American Cuisine
  • Ahi Sushi
  • Andy Many more!


The movie lovers are not left behind. There are state-of-the-art movie theaters to showcase the latest releases from Hollywood as well as oldies for the aged and those who just love something classic. These movie theaters include:

  • The Village Cinemas
  • Majestic Stadium 18           
  • Edwards Boise Stadium 22
  • Regal Boise Downtown Stadium 10
  • These are all located in nearby Boise and Meridian.


There are also several dentist offices in beautiful settings like the Lighthouse Dental. Eagle has a library known as the eagle Library located in the heart of downtown Eagle adjacent to the Eagle Post Office and the City Hall. The library was built in 1999. Regular visits to the Post Office and the library, and the staff will already know their customers by name. This shows how very close knit the residents of Eagle are with one another.

There’s a hospital in Eagle. St Al’s hospital offers 24hr emergency services to residents of Eagle, and it is a hospital of no small repute. It sits at Reuters Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals.


Outdoor Activities

There are so many things that the residents of Eagle like to do in their spare time. There are several local sports teams that keep the residents entertained. Boise State Bronco football has endeared itself as one of the favorites of the locals. Locals also enjoy hockey, basketball and baseball in locations that are within 15 minutes of Eagle.

How about golf? Eagle is peppered with several quality championship golf courses. You will also find plentiful recreational parks, for instance:

  • BMX dirt tracks,
  • Eagle Velodrome bike park;
  • Bogus Basin ski resort which is just a short 40 minute drive up the hill.

Besides these, Eagle residents enjoy other outdoor activities like hiking in the foothills and fishing in the Boise River.


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