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Who is Nicci Adams?

After graduating high school, Nicci Adams spent two years travelling, climbing and exploring wild nature. That’s what led NIcci into Real Estate as her career of passion.

The part about Real Estate that Nicci Adams really enjoys is lending. She discovered this when she later went back to school at Boise State University, in order to get her degree after those two post-high-school years of adventures.

As a blooming and reliable provider of mortgage brokering services with a proven track record and licenses in Idaho and Oregon, Nicci Adams is a lover of detail. She handles complicated financial transactions with aplomb because she believes that every single detail overlooked, even the minutest detail, could be costly to the buyer and detrimental to her reputation.

Nicci Adams is blessed with a good memory. She is genuinely interested in people, and she believes that every new person she meets is amazing. As busy as her schedules can get, she still listens to the unique situations of each client with rapt attention.

Nicci Adams is widely known to be very responsive and possessing a seasoned perspective on comparisons of complex price sheets and the best available third party prices. She believes that information empowers people who are looking for a home or for refinancing to make choices that will best suit their needs, and so she always ensures that she gives them the right information.

The ever au courant Nicci Adams holds the Real Estate industry and her clients in high esteem. Her professional values include:


Nicci Adams, warm and vivacious and an avid lover of challenges, continues her education in Lending, and is working towards having licenses in as many states as possible by the end of the year. Her dream is to put every person who reaches out to her in a home that best suits their needs. Her passion for the industry has led to her appearing on the local news channels, including multiple times on Channel 7.

Born and raised in Idaho, Nicci Adams spent her summers in California on Pismo Beach. She loves to hunt and fish. Her favorite thing to do? Rock climbing! Her profession allows her time to continue to do the things that she loves. She has two beautiful daughters who are catching up to her, and life with them is largely awesome!

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