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Real Estate By Design

More than just a real estate brokerage firm committed to helping our clients buy and sell their homes in today’s ever-changing marketing, Real Estate By Design is a boutique real estate agency that wants to bring back social interaction within real estate. As it is continuously phased out of the equation through apps like Trulia and Zillow, we’re going against the grain and emphasizing the importance of human-to-human contact and emotion when buying and selling homes today.

Through our shared experiences and constant communication, we are introducing the power of emotion when buying and selling homes. Purchasing real estate, whether it’s someone’s first home or their first downgraded home after retirement, is an incredibly emotional process. Even more emotionally taxing is selling the family home after 20-years of watching your family grow up in it. Relying solely on technological tools to emanate this kind of innate emotion completely undercuts the success and importance of the real estate industry.


We’re bringing emotion back into the real estate equation.

It takes a real-life, breathing real estate agent with feelings of his or her own to truly understand you and the story of your home. Real estate success always comes through the ability to tell that story in a way that resonates with everyone. That’s exactly what we’re going to provide for you and your family here at Real Estate By Design.

REAL ESTATE BY DESIGN, LLC: A Boutique Real Estate Company (REBD) was founded to address the needs of today’s ever-changing real estate market as a specialized boutique brokerage.

  • The boutique difference is fundamental and focuses on a strong relationship style that encompasses the experience of buying or selling real estate with professional, full-time Realtors® at your service.
  • We make every effort to train and mentor our agents so that they are better prepared to handle any kind of real estate transaction with professionalism and confidence. Our REBD agents are all full-time Realtors® that are trained to sell, negotiate and build relationships within the community.
  • Our clients are special to us and we make sure the experience they have is always one of a kind.
  • The importance of a strong owner-to-agent mentor relationship is critical to agent success and retention.
  • In a boutique firm such as REBD, we use all the cutting-edge tools in technology and social media to best market and service our clients, no matter what their income level is.
  • Our highly and specially trained agents and staff including Designated Broker  William Lowery, are always willing to make necessary decisions and changes to each individual need as they come up whether with clients and or agents at the firm.
  • We believe that each person is as unique as their needs are and we feel the best service we can offer our clients is to tailor a buying and selling experience just for them.

Because we believe that Real Estate is the Art of Being a Valuable Advisor and not a Salesperson!



Meet our team

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William Lowery 
Broker / Owner, Real Estate By Design 

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Jenn Sims
Mortgage Advisor